About Us

The Sustainable Living Center program was established in July 2005, with a grant from Washington State Department of Ecology. After operating as a 2-day renewable energy festival from 2002 to 2005, the organization determined that a year-round facility was needed to serve the region's growing interest in renewable energy conservation, green building, waste reduction, and other topics related to sustainability.


Today, the SLC has established a reputation in the Walla Walla region as the clearinghouse for information and resources for making more sustainable lifestyle decisions. With funding from government and private sources, we maintain five​​ successful programs​ that help us achieve our mission. We have established working relationships with twenty regional for-profit, non-profit, and government agencies to build a sustainable community.​

Our Board of Directors

(Pictured from top row left across then bottom row left across)

President: Michael Fredrickson​

Vice-President: Todd Blackman​

Secretary, Founder: Karen Yager

Treasurer: Thomas Osborn

Board Member: Ursula Volwiler 

Board Member: Betsy Russell Carroll


Our Employees & Staff

(Pictured from top row left across then bottom row left across)


Executive Director: Erendira Cruz​

Executive Assistant: Chinelle Carrington

Administrative Assistant: Ana Morales

Bookkeeper: Re Reynolds


Certified Energy Assessor: Curtis Jasper

Energy Auditor & $mart Biz Rep.: Dave Dahlin

Builders ReSupply Associate: Michael Bogard

Builders ReSupply Associate: Miki Konishi


Farm to School Program Manager: Rey Cooley 

F2S Garden Education Manger, OR: Karen Wagner

F2S AmeriCorps Volunteer: Tiffany Galicia

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