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     Too often perfectly good construction materials are going to the landfill and being wasted. The Sustainable Living Center gathered information from contractors at the landfill in May 2009. The results showed that the landfill received roughly 200 tons of concrete, 200 tons of still-usable dimensional lumber, and nearly 400 tons of building materials including windows, doors, faucets, fixtures, plumbing and more each year. 

     It costs millions of dollars to build more land space which is supported by the users of the landfill who pay to dispose of waste materials. Keeping (re)usable materials out of the landfill is common sense and extends the life of the landfill which is a more cost-effective management of solid waste that benefits everyone. The Builders ReSupply keeps usable materials out of the landfill and money in the community members' pockets.

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Products for Donation & Resale


Appliances ● Bath ● Cabinets ● Carpets ● Doors ● Drywall ● Lights ● Mirrors ● Windows

Flooring ● Blinds/Shutters ● Lumber Moulding ● Piping ● Roofing ● Siding ● Sinks ● Tile

Toilets ● Tools ● & Much More!

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Currently CLOSED in observance of the Statewide 'Stay Home, Stay Healthy' mandate.

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