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Community Energy Efficiency Program


Please contact us at 509-524-5218 to register or receive next steps for moving forward. In order for upgrades to be eligible for incentives, Customers must follow the CEEP process. We ask for your patience in advance as the coming weeks will be a busy time for us as we bring waitlist customers onboard. The CEEP team will do its best to respond to your needs in a timely manner. 

The Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) offers low cost energy audits to identify recommended weatherization upgrades to homes in Walla Walla, Columbia, and Franklin counties. Energy savings from recommended work may also qualify for incentives. CEEP is funded by the Washington State Legislature and is administered state-wide by the Washington State University Energy Program. 



Contact the SLC at 509-524-5218 to apply! SLC Offers incentives for energy savings due to the installation of the specific energy upgrades:


  1. Insulation & Air Sealing

  2. Windows

  3. Smart Thermostat

  4. Duct Sealing & Insulating

  5. Ducted & Ductless Heat Pumps

  6. Heat Pumps Water Heaters

  7. Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

  8. Exterior Entry Doors



Schedule a Home Energy Audit (HEA). A HEA is a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of the energy efficiency of an *existing home or small business. A HEA evaluates your energy consumption habits and will identify the types of weatherization measures needed for increased  savings, comfort and improvements to your home/business. Our Certified Energy Assessor (CEA) will determine your potential for savings (energy and utility). The CEA may conduct a Performance Reveiw at his discretion at the time of the Home Energy Audit. A Performance Review is a Pre & Post Testing that measures the air tightness, duct work air tightness and helps to physically locate air leakage sites.

Home Energy Audits Cost $95

Disclaimer: This is a one-time fee per property to help offset the cost of providing the Home Energy Audit to customers.This fee is non-refundable and is not a guarantee that you will receive incentive reward funds through the Sustainable Living Center.



Once your HEA is completed and you have completed an "Intent to Perform Energy Savings Upgrades" form with an estimate from a contractor of your choosing for the scope of work to be completed, you will receive a "Conservation Incentive Estimate Form (IEF). The IEF outlines the total job cost, estimated annual energy savings and the SLC's estimated incentive dollar amount. Accept the IEF and when your energy upgrades are completed and verified with an inspection, SLC pays the incentive reward directly to the customer for the energy savings resulting from the installation of the upgrades! 

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