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Our Supporters

It takes a village to raise a school garden!


Thanks to these community partners:


  • School parent and teacher volunteers and PTA organizations

  • Walla Walla Public School (WWPS) Maintenance Departmen

  • WWPS Teaching and Learning Department

  • High School carpentry classes who have built garden                                                                                                                equipment boxes and sheds

  • Middle School carpentry classes who have built mason bee homes

  • Garrison Middle School ASB

  • Sustainable Practices Lab – Washington State Dept of Corrections

  • 21st century after school program

  • Whitman College Community Engagement Center

  • Whitman Community Science Outreach

  • AAUW

  • United Way of Walla Walla County

  • George T. Welch Trust

  • Yancy P Winans Trust

  • Sherwood Trust

  • Blue Mountain Community Foundation


Special Thanks to Our Garden Sponsors...

Flower Power Level Sponsor 

  • Jane Coffey in Memory of Cecil R. Coffey 

Sprout Level Sponsor

  • Wenzel Nursery

  • Anonymous Donation


These essential funds allow supported classroom visits to school gardens for lessons in science, nutrition and more.

Extra Special Thanks to Maple Counter Cafe! 

Since 2016, Maple Counter Café has sponsored a winter spaghetti dinner fundraiser! For this event, Kory and Rachel Nagler and the whole Café crew donate their time to roast and freeze gleaned fall tomatoes and peppers, create an outstanding sauce and salad with other donated ingredients and serve the meal with local wines.  It is an exceptional gift that everyone looks forward to each year. We are so grateful for their community spirit as well as the funding, which is essential to provide meaningful experiences in the school gardens. 

  • 7- Hills

  • Isenhower

  • Balboa

  • Waliser

  • Da Ma

  • Sleight of Hand

  • Amavi

  • Pepperbridge

  • Tempus

  • SuLei

  • Andy’s Market

  • Super One

  • Albertson’s

Thanks to these business partners –  Please support them

  • Asmus Tree Care

  • Bacon & Eggs

  • Blue Valley Meats

  • Brasserie Four

  • Froghollow Farm

  • Graze

  • Hayshaker Farms

  • Heifer Raising Farm

  • Maple Counter

  • R & R Farms

  • Urban Grow Systems

  • Welcome Table Farm

  • Wenzel’s Nursery

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