We are so excited to bring workshops back this summer! Join us for the Summer Sustainability Series to discover creative, sustainable practices to enrich your life. Check out our website for more information and to register:

This position will provide hands-on training and online courses to earn certification through the Building Performance Institute. Ideal for those with construction experience, this position is an excellent opportunity to build on skills and help our weatherization program participants realize all the benefits of efficient and comfortable housing. Click the header above to be redirected to the WorkSource job listing OR contact us by phone (509)524-5218 or e-mail to learn more.

SLC Phone Lines Issues

Our phone lines have been fixed temporarily by IT. It will take a few more weeks before the issue can be fixed permanently. We may continue to experience issues with the phone lines until then. You can contact us at our main office number again at 509-524-5218.        If you only get a busy signal and are not able to leave a message then the lines are down. We will leave the temporary phone number, 208-550-8224, open until the issue is completely resolved. Please email us at and we can call you back if you’re having trouble reaching us still. Looking forward to talking with you!

Keep yourself and loved ones healthy by following the simple guidelines found in our "Back to Business" Safer Cleaning Guide! Good for businesses, organizations and households alike. Check it out!

A new phase of the Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) has started. Please call our office at 509-524-5218 for program status or to register. The registration process is completed over the phone and takes about 20 minutes; we will review the program process, complete the program application and schedule a Home Energy Audit.


CEEP Customers click on the icon to the left to upload your documents to the drop box!