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SLC Summer Office Hours

Effective Monday July 8, 2024 through Friday September 27, 2024

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 am to 2 pm • CLOSED Thursdays, Saturday & Sunday

CEEP funding is available for the 2023-2025 funding period as of March 5, 2024! Please contact us at 509-524-5218 to register or receive next steps for moving forward.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for upgrades to be eligible for incentives, Customers must follow the CEEP process.

Click here to view CEEP's 10 year (2013-2023) Community Impact Report.


CEEP Customers click on the icon to the left to upload your documents to the drop box!

Have you heard Walla Walla? Plastic Recycling is back in 2024! Learn more at the City of Walla Walla website at: Remember that recycling is at the bottom of the waste hierarchy and do all you can to refuse, reduce, repair, and reuse! Together we can make an impact!!

At BIG Recyclers, we’re not just recycling glass; we’re crafting a sustainable future for our community and the planet. Our 100% volunteer organization hosts weekly public drop offs on Tuesdays at 240 C Street in the Walla Walla Airport Complex from 10 am until noon. Membership is not required, but members do pay less per pound than non-members. We ask that you only bring glass food and beverage containers that have been rinsed; lids, foil collars and plastic pour spouts removed. Labels are okay! Visit to learn more about becoming a member, volunteer or both!

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